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Advans Nigeria celebrates World Savings Day with students, donates Audio-Visual equipment

As part of activities to mark the World Savings Day 2021, the Advans La Fayette Microfinance Bank carried out a sensitisation and financial literacy training session for secondary school students of Chancery International School, Ibadan, Oyo State.

During the occasion, the bank also donated audio-visual equipment to the school to facilitate the teaching process of the teachers and the assimilation of the students, while promoting their proficiency in the use of information technology devices.

The World Savings Day is celebrated annually to call attention to the importance of savings as a way to reduce poverty, promote financial literacy, and educate people about saving and managing their finances.

Addressing the students, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr. Gaetan Debuchy, harped on the need for students to imbibe a savings culture early in life, so they grow to become financially responsible adults.

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Said he, “We are happy to have taken up the task to train, guide and empower our young ones with the critical information they need to develop a savings culture and also educate them on the role it plays towards self-development”.

He further commented that,money saved should be kept in a bank in specialized accounts such as Advans Kiddies, in order to earn interest and reduce the risk of squandering it.

“Education is one of the key pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility Framework at Advans Nigeria, as we believe that educated children are the empowered children who will improve the fortune of the economy in future.

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“We have taken this opportunity of the World Savings Day 2021 not just to educate the students about the advantages of saving, but also to meet a pressing need of the school.This gesture is strategically aimed at enhancing the learning process of the students”, said Priscilla Iyari, the Head of Marketing and Communications who also oversees the CSR initiatives of the Bank.

While responding to the bank, Proprietress of Chancery International School, Mrs. Oladimeji, thanked the management of the Bank for the kind gesture in form of the seminar and the gifts. She promised to continue to work with the teachers to ensure quality education is passed on to the students, so that they grow up to become well-rounded adults.

“Of course, we will continue to solicit the support of responsive organisations like yours”.

At the end of the seminar, members of the Advans Nigeria management team fielded questions from the students.

Advans Nigeria is a member of the Advans group, which for over 15 years has provided innovative financial solutions to over 1.1 million clients in 9 countries, and offered a complete range of financial services that have helped to build over 5 million small businesses.

As an international microfinance bank with a national license from the CBN, Advans La Fayette Microfinance Bank offers great flexibility, independence and financial security to help clients stay committed to their short and long term financial goals. The bank was incorporated in Nigeria in February 2013.