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2023: Ex-PDPGF DG pushes for urgent meeting of PDP govs, resolution of Party crisis

The founding Director General of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum (PDPGF), Earl Osaro Onaiwu, has called for an urgent, crucial meeting of all PDP governors to resolve all the contentious issues in the party and forge ahead in unity in order to rescue and rebuild Nigeria.

According to the political consultant, convocation of such a meeting has become imperative if the party must win the 2023 national elections in Nigeria.

Onaiwu said only when the current challenges of perceived inequities in the party’s nomenclature are urgently resolved, would the party truly present a united front capable of dislodging the ruling Party, All Progressive Congress  (APC).

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He described the APC as shipwrecked and a monumental failure,  which has sunk Nigeria to the lowest ebb of development index in every area.

“The PDP governors have the capacity, capability and intelligence to resolve the crisis in the party and reposition the party structures to achieve a much needed cooperation and synergy that are a precursor to victory at the polls,” Onaiwu said.

He explained that he has observed and rightly so, that the government of APC has no verifiable accomplishments to campaign with and has instead resorted to parroting the tenure history of its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Tinubu, when he was Governor of Lagos State over 16 years ago.

He added that this is a clear indication that there is a big yawning gap in their campaign project hence the resort to outdated rhetoric, “which is just like someone trying to warm himself with a painted fire which has no live energy,” he said.

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The former PDPGF DG said the gloomy scenario of APC not having a good report card to campaign with has presented a ‘Christmas gift’ opportunity for the PDP leaders to rally, because “the PDP governors are performing brands, who have done excellently and creditably well in delivering on their campaign promises to their respective states and their scorecards should be compiled into one big reference bank to draw the campaign virtue from, giving a blow by blow account of PDP stewardship thereby having the most potent campaign reference database for the party.

Onaiwu enjoined the governors to put their differences or grievances aside and rise to the occasion, in order to give hope, confidence and new impetus for the teeming supporters of the party and millions of  despondent Nigerians to join the party to rescue and rebuild Nigeria, by voting massively to remove the APC from power, “which to my mind, would be the greatest achievement of the PDPGF since its inception.”

Speaking further, Onaiwu remarked that it is incumbent on the governors to disappoint naysayers by demonstrating leadership and cohesion, which are the necessary ingredients to weld the cracks in the party, saying a divided house cannot stand but a united house is the cornerstone of success.

Therefore, he called on the governors to keep the objective in focus, and convoke the meeting immediately, to enable the party to come out stronger, as one family and achieve its objective of victory at the polls in 2023.