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Daring in chin length earrings

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In the ’80s, bold earrings were known as chandeliers, shoulder dusters or just big bijou. Today, they’re just called statement earrings.  Long and usually sculptural, they come in different colours and geometric shapes.

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One good thing about this particular trend is that it saves the wearer the stress of having to look for a necklace. This is because they are dramatically oversize; close to the ear and designed to beautifully frame the face.

Meanwhile, it is not everyone that can rock this fashion item. You must be bold and fashion forward. Pick any of them that fits your outfit and you will be surprised at the wonder it will do to your face.  But since accessorizing one’s look remains the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit, there is no big deal in going the extra mile to make a statement with this.  So, girls, let’s go there.