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Baba Suwe arrives Nigeria after treatment in US

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Babatunde Omidina, veteran actor better known as Baba Suwe, has returned to Nigeria following the completion of his treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Rhode Island, United States.

Yomi Fabiyi, film producer and colleague of the 61-year-old Yoruba veteran movie star, announced his return in an official statement on Instagram.

“Baba Suwe leaves Hospital in Rhode Island, United States of America and now back in Nigeria. He will continue his final recovery at home,” Yomi wrote.

“Without going into individual details, on behalf of Baba Suwe and his family, I want to thank everyone for playing a vital role. Hopefully, his health restores to full capacity in no distance time, so as to enable him to return to the screen.”

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“With tears of joy and gratitude, he sends his sincere heartfelt appreciation to you all. This update should be the near-final public information I will be supplying on this matter.

“I must thank you all (Nollywood Artists, fans and well-wishers especially) for trusting me to give you required updates on this, much valued. I shall lose no time to supply any further or additional vital information if and when needed in the future.”

.“I slumped when I traveled and was admitted for about three weeks. They asked me if I was trafficking cocaine and I said no. I was examined and they didn’t see anything. After returning to Nigeria, I tried to walk on my own but I was staggering; that’s how I started using the walking stick,” he had narrated.

“When I returned to America, they said I needed to do surgery and that it would cost a lot. When I approached people, they said they didn’t have money so I couldn’t raise as much money as I needed.”

Having dazzled in the limelight for several years, the comic actor’s ordeal began after he was arrested in 2011 by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and allegedly tortured on suspicion of ingesting cocaine wraps.

Although a Lagos high court had ordered that Suwe be compensated with the sum of N25 million after no drugs were eventually found on him, Suwe lamented years later that he is yet to receive such funds.