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Nigeria School Sports Federation needs more government support — Mohammed

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Malam Ibrahim Mohammed, President, Nigeria School Sports Federation (NSSF), said on Monday that the body might not actualise its full potential except it got government and corporate bodies’ attention for its grassroots sports development.

Mohammed, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, appealed for more support toward the development of children who have taken sports as a vocation.

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“We should do whatever it takes to encourage children that have taken sports as a vocation; there are so many vices that these children could have got involved with, but they chose sport.

So, therefore, we need to give NSSF, the custodian of these children more attention. They will thrive instead of participating in violent acts.

Sponsorship can never be too much from corporate sponsors; so also is government’s support and encouragement.

With this, school sports will thrive again,’’ the president said.

According to him, the problem is not that stakeholders are not aware of the impending danger in the continuous absence of genuine grassroots sports development; the absence of strong-will has made it difficult.

“We all know the dangers involved; as a matter of fact, we can see the effect. Our performance at international competitions is a reflection of years of neglect. We will keep going in circles.

Without determination from us all, there is almost nothing we can achieve. We need to make a conscious effort,’’ the NSSF president said. (NAN)